5 Quality Essential Oil Brands You Can Trust With Your Health

Picking out quality essential oil brands can be difficult with all of the conflicting information out there. Some people seem to think just any brand is fine, and others swear by a single brand. After testing out many different brands (but definitely not all!), I have come up with a solid list. Of those I tried, these are the brands I’ve come to trust.  If you log essential oils, then have a look at these 18 scent hacks.

5 Essential Oil Brands You Can Actually Trust

What are essential oils?  Essential oils are concentrated liquid plant extracts which hold the aroma and health properties of its origin plant.

Where can they be bought? While you may be able to easily purchase essential oils from your local store, it’s important to research before buying. The quality between essential oil brands varies quite a bit, because many brands have jumped on the bandwagon. Cheaper versions, however, which can be either ineffective or even dangerous for your health.

Choosing Quality Essential Oil Brands…

  • Look for a brand which participates in third party testing and then provides customers reports upon request.
  • A supplier that has a strong reputation within the essential oil community as being trustworthy.
  • It is also important that the brand is transparent about their practices. If they take advantage of their employees, or cut corners, then production suffers.
  • Brands which have only one ingredient listed on single essential oil bottles. For blends, ensure that only the ingredients advertised are listed on the back of the bottle.

Young Living, Doterra and Other MLMs

I personally do not support MLM companies, because of the ethics of their practices concerning those who sign up as sellers.

They make misleading promises to customers about how much they’ll earn by signing their friends up under them. Almost everyone who signs up for these MLM programs loses money and gets stuck with more essential oils than they can use.

Essential Oil Brands that I Have Tried and Trust…

These are what I consider so far to be the most quality essential oil brands. I haven’t tried even a tiny fraction of what is out there, but I will be building this list over time.

Organic Aromas

Organic Aromas Essential Oil Brand Review

The Brand Organic Aromas is a health conscious brand which offers pure organic essential oils, single essential oils, hand carved diffusers, laser engraved diffusers, essential oil specialty blends and plenty of accessories.

Organic Options:  Yes, there are plenty of organic essential oil options to choose from -lavender, eucalyptus, ylang  ylang, tea tree, grapefruit, lemon, bergamot, sweet orange, rosemary and peppermint.

Third Party Testing: Yes, all essential oils from this brand are tested by a third party lab located in Montreal, Canada.

What’s Unique: I find this Discovery Collection (pictured above) to be a remarkably diverse set. It comes with over 40 essential oils in 2ml vials which gives beginners and new customers the opportunity to sample an incredible range of scents and health benefits at an affordable price point.

If you are new to essential oils, Choose this set to get your feet wet and help you figure out which scents you love best. If you’re like me and love DIY beauty and cleaning projects using essential oils, you’ll enjoy being able to make various recipes without having to run to the store to buy several different oils at full price.

I personally have had such a great time getting to know each the oils in this Discovery Set. Each oil smells absolutely divine and I love their unique blends!


Rocky Mountain Oils

Rocky Mountain Oils Essential Oil Brand Review

Rocky Mountain Oils is an essential oil company which offers organic essential oils, single essential oils, specialty blends, mom and kid options, roll-ons, natural cleaning products, diffusers, blending supplies, nutritional supplements, as well as skin and body care. Each essential oil comes from its native environment.

Organic Options: Yes, Rocky Mountain Oils provides organic tea tree, peppermint, orange, lemon, lavender, frankincense, oregano, eucalyptus, grapefruit, and turmeric essential oils.

Third Party Testing: Yes, GC/MS testing is provided for each of their essential oils. To verify your specific essential oil, simply refer to the unique batch number found at the bottom of your bottle and enter it on this page.

What’s Unique: Rocky Mountains is the first essential oil brand to implement a bottle recycling program. They accept bottles from their own brand as well as other brands. You have the choice to either send them your old bottles in the mail or use this page to locate a local glass recycling center. Rocky Mountain Oils is widely considered to be one of the most quality essential oil brands.



Kokokahn Essential Oil Brand Review

Kokokahn (translation: “white heron”) is a brand which offers pure essential oils, body and skincare, diffusers and salt lamps, aromatherapy for pets, chakra oils, essential oils, jewelry, essential oil books, inhalers, and bali spa products.

Organic: Yes, by opening each essential oil product on the website, you can find out whether that particular product is organic.

Third Party Testing: Yes, each essential oil is GC/MS tested to ensure purity and therapeutic quality.

What’s Unique: While there are many unique attributes to this brand, what really stands out to me are their inhalers. Their ‘Breathe’ inhaler is one of their best sellers and I can definitely tell why. I feel icy and refreshed each time I use this inhaler and have started forming a habit of using it while working on the computer. You can check out their complete aromatherapy inhaler line here.

Plant Therapy

Plant Therapy Essential Oils Brand Review

Plant Therapy offers a wide selection of single essential oils, synergies, organic essential oils, roll-ons, kids safe blends, body care, essential oil sets, diffusers, jewelry, and many accessories like essential oil boxes.

Organic: Yes, Plant Therapy offers an enormous selection of organic essential oils. To see the entire list, visit this page.

Third Party Testing: Yes, every essential oil from this brand is GS-MS tested. Results are available for every batch on the website.

What’s Unique: Plant Therapy definitely has the most extensive Kid Safe selection that I have seen so far. These essential oils are undiluted, just like the rest of the oils offered by the brand. Im addition, Plant Therapy chooses based on research. For example, they reject peppermint, thyme, and ylang-ylang, because they’ve been shown to cause adverse reactions in children. If you’re looking for quality essential oil brands, Plant Therapy has so much to offer.

Aura Cacia

Quality Essential Oil Brands Review: Aura Cacia

Aura Cacia is a humanitarian essential oil brand which offers single essential oils, blends,  mists, roll-ons, bath and shower products, body care, diffusers and accessories. They have an extensive selection of essential oils, which can be useful if you like to create exotic blends.

Organic: Yes, Aura Cacia does provide some of their essential oils in organic form. Be sure to check each individual product for more information.

Third Party Testing: While I couldn’t find information on third party testing, Aura Cacia claims to do in house testing. This may concern some people, but I personally trust this brand and have found their essential oils to be effective. I highly recommend their ‘manuka’ oil.

What’s Unique: I have to say Aura Cacia has one of the most incredible humanitarian projects I’ve seen; it’s called the Positive Change Project. This annual program supports organizations by helping women and girls transform their lives for the better. In addition, Aura Cacia offers very large sized versions of their products, which can help you save money. For this reason, I find Aura Cacia to be one of the most quality essential oil brands.


There are many quality essential oil brands to choose from out there, along with many sketchy and downright scary brands. So,it is very important to do your research. These brands I have discussed above really do go above and beyond to ensure quality products which improve lives.

A big thank you to Organic Aromas, Rocky Mountain Oils, Kokokahn, Plant Therapy and Aura Cacia. The samples helped make this review authentic and possible. As always, all opinions are my own. : )

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  1. Hi, very informative article. And while I respect Your decision not to support network marketing companies. doTERRA does extensive third party testing. There is a batch code on each bottle and a website where you can get those results. They do a lot for farmers in 3rd world countries. And also to fight sex trafficking. So saying their oils are inferior and their ethical practices are questionable is just a biased opinion. Their price points wholesale are similar to ones you mentioned here even cheaper. Also if you want to know some really good non MLM oil companies. I cam Recommend a few that do extensive and third party testing

    • Hi Lauren,

      Thanks for reaching out! So at the time of creating this post I was unable to locate third party testing for doTERRA. I could only find their personal system for QA of essential oils, which can be a red flag in some cases (ex: pet food industry).

      I went ahead checked up to date information on doTERRA and will update the post accordingly.

      Biased opinion? Nah. Not more than the average bias each person holds for anything. I’ve done research on the chances of those working for doTERRA and other MLM companies making money and the outlook is pretty grim. While supporting farms and fighting sex trafficking is a noble cause, many other essential oil companies partake in similar endeavors.

      I don’t agree with the unrealistic expectations they give potential sales associates about the difficulty of getting a decent income. Most of the time, a person would be better off working at a fast food joint.

      Yes, there are plenty of great essential oil companies out there, but I won’t be adding them to the list until I’ve had the time to vet each of them. There’s simply not enough time in a day. 😅

      Anywho, thanks for the heads up and I’ll be making time soon to research and update info. Take care.


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