22 Insanely Awesome Video Game Rooms That’ll Make Your Friends Jealous

You won't believe your eyes when you see these 22 epic gaming room setups.

If you play video games a lot, then chances are you spend most of your time in just one room of your house. The thing is, if you are going to be in the same area of your house so much, why not make it the best part? If you are ready to level up your gaming area, then check out these epic video game room ideas.

Nintendo Gaming Room
Nintendo Lover's Game Room Setup
Found From Lorde Arse on Twitter

If you have a shameless amount of video games, then it’s about time you get some shelving going on in your video game room. By placing all of your games against the wall rather than bulky furniture, you give yourself and your friends some wiggle room.

Retro Video Game Room Setup
Found From Retro Video Gaming

Whether you’re playing different games at the same time with a group of friends or trying to race each other on a speed run, it can’t hurt to have multiple Tvs.

Basement Arcade
Arcade Gaming Room Setup
Found From Digs Digs

Maybe it’s the Asian in me but I am a huge DDR fan. If you are looking to keep yourself in shape while having fun playing a game, consider a neat basement arcade setup such as the one in this video game room.

Games & A Pub
Gaming Room and Bar/Pub Setup
Found From DC Cargomall

Drinking and video games mix pretty well every once in a while if you’re looking for a few laughs. Make your friends jealous by making your gaming room extra awesome with a bar.  Incorporate some of these nightclub and bar ideas as well.

Small Space Video Game Room Setup
Found From Wookmark

Tight on space? Try a minimalist approach to create an awesome gaming space that is easy on the eyes.

Epic Battle Station
PC Gaming Room Setup
Found From Caveman Circus

My favorite gaming setups have always been the ones with desk and PCs. Seriously, if you’ve ever considered customizing your PC, then you should DO IT.

Xbox Room
Xbox Gaming Room Setup
Found From Pinterest

While I am not an Xbox gamer, I can appreciate good design.

Chain Chomp Cat Bed
Chain Chomp Cat Bed Gaming Room
Found From Catastrophic Creations

If you want to keep your cat off your desk for at least a little while, try giving ’em a cozy mouth to sleep inside.

Star Wars
Star Wars Gaming Room Setup
Found From Luxury Real Estate

Love Star Wars? Try lighting up your room with LED lighting to create the perfect ambiance.

Music & Gaming Studio
PC Gaming Room Setup
Found From Next Luxury

If you like making music and playing games, create a space such as this one to accommodate all your hobbies.

PC in a Desk
Custom Desk PC Gaming Setup
Found From Pinterest

I’ve always wanted to make one of these but am way too scared I’ll mess it up. Isn’t it beautiful?

Projector Gaming Room
Found From The Chive

Big screen TV not cutting it? Try a projector.

Double PCs
Outer Space PC Gaming Room
Found From Pinterest

Make your room extra cool with an outer space theme that’ll blow your friends away.

Multiple Gamer Household
Multiple Gamer Household Room Setup
Found From Pinterest

Whether you have a lot of gamers in your home, or just can’t stop buying computers, you’ll probably agree that this is one of the most intense setups you’ve ever seen.

Ikea Hack
IKEA Video Game Room
Found From Pseudo Macro

This setup is probably the closet to the one I have at home. If you check out IKEA, then you can find tons of furniture like this on the cheap.

Video Game Accessory Display Case Gaming Room Setup
Found From Free to Play MMORPGs

Keep all your accessories easy to access, then honor them with a lit up display case.

Video Game Wall
All in One Gaming Room Setup
Found From Pinterest

If you are short on space or have household members that want you to keep your stuff to a minimum, then try putting everything in one furniture piece.

Floating PC Desk
Floating PC Gaming Room Desk Setup
Found From Bit Rebels

This is seriously a work of art. How in the world did this person pull this off??

Small Desk Area
Small Space PC Gaming Room Setup
Found From Pinterest

Keep your colors to a minimum and choose a small desk, then only place what you use the most on it to maximize the space in your room.

Handheld Collection
Floating Shelves Handheld Gaming Room Setup
Found From Agents of Geek

Floating shelves are such a useful way to save space in your home. So, get creative and put your gaming accessories on them!

Just because you have a bunch of gear doesn’t mean it has to look like crap. Whether you’re getting complaints about having too much ‘ugly’ stuff around or you want to make your buddies jealous, there is some great video game room inspiration to be found on the Internet. My personal favorite is the floating PC desk. What’s yours?

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